Reliable construction service since 2012. We are not just building. We are making your dreams come true.

Our Services

Planning & Architecture

AEM & Associates’s architecture communicates beauty, design, function, and building technology.


AEM & Associates has the experience and expertise needed for the full spectrum of new construction.


Renovation is where AEM & Associates got their start and is one of their major lines of current business in South Florida.

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Small Projects

No project is too small!  Let AEM & Associates earn your business.

Big Projects

Large scale construction projects are where they thrive.  AEM has a network of trusted and reputable designers and builders to accomplish any project.

commercial construction south florida


AEM & Associates has commercial expertise from many years of commercial renovation experience.

Why us?


Founded in 2012 by Andre E. Michele, who has over 3 decades of licensed contractor experience.

Competitive Pricing

Today’s market is fiercely competitive, and so is AEM & Associates!

Quality Guarantee

AEM & Associates built its name on the quality and service they provide.

Great Support

Customer service is unparalleled along with the digital tools they have for their clients.